Make the most of the school run!

The school run offers a valuable, regular opportunity to get out children to go over key learning things such as the alphabet, the phonics, counting, weekdays and months.

The school run can be a rather boring time for kids as we rush their sleepy little beings down the street to go to school; so why not try to turn it into a more playful moment by including some minority language:

By alternating these every day, you enable your child to revise them on a regular basis, and the drill of it slowly makes these key learning features sink in his/her mind. But remember, it will only work so long as you make it fun! It has to be a game between the two of you, not a formal revision session! So whatever you do, join in!

Note that the first time round, your child might not really feel enthusiastic at the offer of counting or singing the alphabet. However, if you participate, they might feel like it is less daunting and want to join in. And if they do not want to participate, it is just as alright.  You can set the example and sing or count in a fun way, putting some emphasis. Some children like to listen and observe before actually giving it a try.  Hence do not get disheartened at a refusal, just set the example and see over time if your child’s reaction changes.  In any case, listening to you is still a winner, as it counts for extra exposure to the minority language. 😉


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