“Lift-the-flap Picture Atlas” by Jane Chisholm and Helen Lee

A wonderful Atlas for children aged 5 and over. It starts with explaining what an atlas is before going on to present the 5 continents and Antarctica on 2 pages. These presentations include colourful maps, crowded with characters greeting in their language, monuments, and fauna and flora found there. Flaps spread on the maps give out fun facts. Each continent has its own set of interesting facts for its geographic area.
Right at the end, the book has a sleeve which contains a huge world map that can be pinned on a wall, or spread on the floor for the child to take a global view of our planet.

The night it came through the post, my eldest daughter spent the evening avidly flipping through its pages and flaps. The huge stunning world map stayed on our wall for a year, and my daughter seemed to love when we referred to it and the flags featuring at the bottom.
As a trilingual mum, I feel it is important for my children to visualise where their languages are spoken, where their family is as well as their cultural heritage. The book is beautifully illustrated with pictures and texts that appeal to children and can be easily understood.

Need more information?:
For the love of Usborne – video flipping through the pages of the atlas.

This book can be purchased from Amazon, BookDepository  and The Book People

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