Education tips – Building on Majority Language schooling

Not so long ago, a bilingual mum shared an excellent tip that I have decided to follow but also to share it here to help other bilingual parents.

This minority language at home mum has children schooled in the Majority Language. To keep a balanced bilingualism and pick up the minority language vocabulary of what they are learning at school, this mum purchases books in the ml around this very topic. So, for instance, if the school programme includes castles or circus-life, she purchases ml books on the topic.

It is such a simple yet very effective idea. So far, I have only built on the Majority Language schooling when it came to literacy and numeracy (e.g: see my post on Teaching to count – Tip n°1); however it had never crossed my mind to take the building further to the broader topics.
So if you had not had that idea yet, here is some food for thought!

Personally, I have just ordered a minority language book on castles, “My Very First Castles Book” by Abigail Wheatley, Lee Cosgrove and Alice Reese, since it was on my daughter’s curriculum for this year. There is one more task to tick off my to-do list: dig a bit deeper into this year’s school curriculum to make sure I have not missed anything else. 😉

If you are already building on the Majority Language schooling in that way or a similar, please share with us your tips and advice!


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